09 Ningbo fastener exhibition debut, large cold heading machine
On March 5to7,in2009 held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center every fastening a pieces of equipment exhibition, my company exclusive renting 90M2 booth, articles two innovative equipment debut, the previous record of exhibition scale most. Two innovative equipment, a large cold heading machine in the 24B5S series, one is improved 14B6SL parts forming machine.
Large cold heading machine series, is a company based on customer feedback and suggestions for the market, which lasted 07, 08 two years, new models are designed for high strength nuts, non-standard large parts of the cold forging manufacturers tailor, the series models now include 24B, 33B, 41B5S/6S.
Including the structure characteristics of large cold heading machine series: two stage gear transmission -- high transmission efficiency, large driving force; pneumatic clutch brake band ready -- flywheel motor starting current is small, ready to flywheel storage motor kinetic energy; equipped with stepless frequency converter speed adjustment of production -- simple and convenient; the crankshaft alloy copper tile with -- high wear resistance, longer service life, lower cost of repair. These structural characteristics, reflected in the final effect of customer production using the above is greatly reduces the production cost, the use of the customer after calculation, 33B5S compared to the same type bearing type cold heading machine, production of products with the same specification can reduce the annual 300000 use cost -- electricity and bearing the cost. Through field visits and explanation, most of the Ningbo area of high strength nut production enterprises agree and appreciation.
Parts molding machine is improved on the basis of the original, for many details to make the improvement, such as: the impact rod, main block, block size is lengthened, the slider thickened, in order to improve the upsetting force, improved forward slanting pin, with disc brakes instead of drum brake, improves the lubricating oil and base oil tank, improvement of sheet metal form.
Through this exhibition, new models, and improved equipment, not only shows the strength of the company, let the customer experience to the "Qunfeng machinery, innovation" is not just a slogan, but the group abundance of human action force, the embodiment of our advance to the domestic first-class fastener equipment manufacturer's confidence and determination.
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